National Child Day 2015

 National Child Day 

The NCD activities in November highlight the United Nations children’s right #31: The Right to Play.

The National Child Day (NCD) theme for 2015 was “Keep it Balanced” emphasizing the benefits of balancing “screen time* with active and interpersonal play.   Today ninety percent of children are exposed to screen-based activities before the age of two. Research indicates that Canadian school-aged children spend 65 to 80 percent of their waking hours engaging in sedentary behaviours.  Kids need at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

*Screen time is time spent in front of a TV, computer, laptop, games console, tablet or smartphone. Screen time is a sedentary activity.  Very little energy is used during screen time.

Keep it Balanced!


GETTING STARTED  – Links and resources for resources and activities for families and educators.

2015 Keep it Balanced Resources   

Poster National Child Day 2015
2015 Tip Sheet page _ What is Screen Time
2015 Tip Sheet Page_1
2015 Tip Sheet Page_2
2015 Tip Sheet Page_3
2015 Screen Time Tracker
2015 Links National Child Day
Be a role Model balance screen & family activity


Convention on the Rights of the Child Resources

Animated video of children’s rights
Public Health Agency of Canada
Convention on Rights of Child
Rights of Child (child friendly language)

Rights of the Child Recreation Guide
Resources and Publications  

Canadian Coalition for the Rights of the Child Resource & Support Programs
The Value of Play

To help you plan here are a couple of activity suggestions for schools, child care centres & parent child centres:
Children’s Rights Activity Guide
Colouring poster      

Early Years Resource Package

School Age Resource Package